Feb 272021

The South Coast Botanic Garden is currently experiencing a superbloom as spring nears.

Four areas of the Garden located in the Palos Verdes Peninsula are superbloom areas including tulips in planter beds near its entrance; daffodils and paper whites at its Amphitheatre lawn; and a daffodil field near its Grass Garden.

Another area, the hill around the Trace sculpture in Phoebe’s Meadow, will be blooming California poppies in the near future, according to Adrienne Nakashima, CEO of the Garden.

Currently, cherry blossoms have also started their Spring blooming.

The superbloom will take place for another few weeks and then the garden’s Bohannon Rose Garden will begin blooming in late April to early May, followed by its Lavender Garden in June, according to Nakashima.

The superbloom was made possible by a special grant from the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust as well as other donations.

For more information, visit southcoastbotanicgarden.org.

Via Pvnews.com

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