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Many schools have activities and programs related to bullying prevention that operate throughout the school year, the Superintendent said.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, meant to bring attention to the bullying problem and involve people nationwide in a conversation on how to create a world safe from bullying.

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District offers a plethora of curriculum, programs and opportunities to help struggling students and combat bullying. Deputy Superintendent Trent Bahadursingh said many of PVPUSD schools have activities and programs related to bullying prevention that operate throughout the school year. Since last year, the district also hired a Coordinator of Student Mental Health and Support for the District, he said.

Below is a list of some of the activities and programs offered at PVPUSD schools throughout the year:

  • Second Step: A Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum to help us learn and practice these social-emotional skills. Second Step was developed over 20 years ago, has been refined multiple times, and is data-driven. Second Step is an academic, emotional, and social skill building program that explicitly teaches and fosters empathy, emotion management, assertiveness, attentional skills, as well as problem solving. This curriculum enlists and empowers all educational stakeholders and fosters a culture of care and inclusion.
    • Second Step facilitates a proactive rather than a reactive approach. This curriculum was developed with common language to equip teachers and students alike at every grade level with tools to build, access, and further develop our foundational pro-social and academic skills. Additionally, Second Step supports school-wide prevention of problem behaviors while simultaneously enhancing academic readiness, performance, as well as interpersonal success. Children who learn and use these skills are more likely to get along with other people and to do better in school.
  • Link Crew: Build connections with freshman and new students to high school.
  • PLUS: A student group that focuses on building a healthy school culture.
  • Student Center: High School Student Center with two full-time therapists (SSS) to provide support for students struggling emotionally.
  • Yellow Ribbon Week: Goal is to spread kindness, inclusion and promote anti-bullying on campus. Each campus plans a wide range of activities including anti-bullying assemblies.
  • WEB Program: Our WEB program is our newest program that helps prevent bullying. Eighth graders are paired with small groups of sixth graders and become their big brother/sister throughout the year.
  • PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. Helps reinforce problem solving, empathy, and student well-being.
  • All for One Club: Dedicated to creating awareness and tolerance for all students on topics such as gender preference, ethnic and religious tolerance, the mental health stigma, and supporting students with learning and physical disabilities.
  • Lessons: Sixth Grade Guidance and Conflict Mediation

For more information on programs within the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District, visit the school district’s website.

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