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PVAC features INHABIT: The Olmstead Brothers at Palos Verdes Peninsula

PVAC features INHABIT: The Olmstead Brothers at Palos Verdes Peninsula
Olmstead Brothers pic
Palos Verdes residents have a great opportunity to view the INHABIT: The Olmsted Brothers at Palos Verdes Peninsula, which is currently being presented at the Palos Verdes Art Center until May 27, 2018.
In 1914, the renowned Olmsted Brothers landscape architectural firm was commission to design a “New City”, on the Palos Verdes Peninsula after businessman Frank A. Vanderlip purchased 16,000 acres of peninsula land. John Charles Olmsted and Frederick Law Olmsted Jr, sons of the famous Frederick Law Olmsted, took upon the job and were looking to replicate an Italian Mediterranean oasis .
The INHABIT presents a revealing visual experiential take on the landscape here during these years, and utilizing the original source materials that help with the firms organic based design strategies. The guest curator at the Palos Verdes Art Center Hilarie Schackai will be explaining how this exhibition is designed to cast a spotlight on the crucial process of visionary translation.
The topographic maps display the specific types of materials that were presented for planting areas which suggest ideal vantage points for home lots and neighborhood formation. Road studies, and horticultural lists were derived from these extracts. Also included are the descriptions of wildflowers and local meteorological conditions which flourished on the Peninsula at the turn of the twentieth century.
To give a complete translation of the exhibition, they have early marketing brochures and advertisements that were used to get the public invested in this gorgeous area. Here you will be able to leaf through original photo albums containing black and white pictures of Early Palos Verdes.
The Palos Verdes Art Center is located at 5504 W. Crestridge Road, Rancho Palos Verdes.

Photo of Olmsted Plans & Drawings courtesy of the National Park Service, Frederick Law Olmsted Natural Historial Site.
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