Feb 022018

Do Palos Verdes Staged Homes Sell Faster?

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Palos Verdes homes owners are asking the question does Home Staging sell my home faster? The Real Estate Staging Association has said in the past that those homes professional staged usually sold in half the time as those not staged. They actualy believe that staging your home increases the dollar value that buyers are willing to offer.

Home staging seems to be more appealing to buyers since it shows more of the potential of a home. Whether it be inclusive of such tasks as painting, staining or just adding color to a room by decorating, that fresh appearance makes buyers visualize the potential in the home.

The most important rooms that are usually staged are the living room, kitchen, dining room, master & children’s bedrooms and bathroom. Staged homes are generally decluttered and have a way of showing the most positive attributes of the room. It’s been said that most buyers seem to form some sort of opinion about a home within the first 10 seconds of arriving. Since buyers seem to be previewing homes on the internet, it is important that the homes staged photography will help make that first strong impression.

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