Dec 092020
Palos Verdes Performing Arts, like many arts and nonprofits, has taken a hard hit during the coronavirus pandemic.
Palos Verdes Performing Arts launched the Save Our Theatre Campaign to help rescue the nonprofit that's been hit hard by the pandemic.

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, CA — Arts and nonprofits have been hit hard by the pandemic, including Palos Verdes Performing Arts.

Executive Director Julie Moe Reynolds is now fighting to keep the organization alive, launching the Save Our Theatre Campaign to help rescue the nonprofit that’s been part of the community for 38 years, The Daily Breeze reports.

“This organization means so much to the community,” Reynolds told The Breeze. “It’s a lot of years that we’re able to have great talent in our backyard, have our kids be able to go on a real stage, all the things that my mother originally wanted when she founded this theater.

The group has had to layoff about 40 people and is now a small team, she said.

And although most shows are called off due to the county’s stay-at-home order and health guidances during the pandemic, Reynolds hopes to raise money until they can open again.

People can donate and learn more on the website:


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