Nov 262021

What do you say to a lifelong friend? Check out this message of gratitude from one friend to another.

Alex Dia​ in Palos Verdes thanks a dear friend for his friendship.
Alex Dia​ in Palos Verdes thanks a dear friend for his friendship. (Shutterstock)

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, CA — Alex Dia in Palos Verdes thanks a dear friend for a lifetime of memories.

Steve Gottfried. I am very grateful to you for committing to our lifelong friendship of expansion support and love I appreciate your friendship more than ever thank you for being such a lovely friend

Patch’s “30 Days Of Gratitude” is a series of articles exploring the intentionality of gratitude and featuring bits of wisdom from Patch readers. Come back to Across America Patch every day through November and read more.

Living with gratitude goes beyond merely being thankful. It doesn’t mean pretending bad things don’t happen, but rather savoring the goodness, according to experts on the topic, including Robert Emmons, a Unviersity of California, Davis, psychology professor who is known as the “father of gratitude.”

In short, living with gratitude is “an affirmation of goodness” and a recognition of the good in the world as the source of our individual gifts, benefits and blessings. Gratitude is not singularly focused, Emmons said in a YouTube video for the Greater Good Science Center, but rather recognizes that the sources of goodness are other people who “gave us many gifts, big and small, to help us achieve the goodness in our lives.”


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