Jan 292018

Why Should Do A Final Walk-Through Before Closing Escrow?

Loan walk through

Palos Verdes homes owners should know how important the Final Walk-Through is on your newly purchased property. Loan America just put out an article which reflects the positive decision that homeowners need to make when completing their home purchase. Most real estate companies require that their agents make the Verification of Property Condition as their final disclosure documents. This is done to protect the buyer from any legal issues at a later date.

Loan America states in their article that after you’ve put alot of effort into finding the right house, you need to make sure that you do a final walk through to make sure that no changes have taken place on the property. This is not the time that you request new repairs, instead is just the time to make sure the condition of the home hasn’t changed since your last visit. The last thing you would want is to see any unexpected or unwanted changes made to the property.

When doing this final inspection you want to make sure that the sellers do not have any new property damage that could have taken place during the move out. That all furnishings have been taken out, and items that sere supposed to remain such as appliances, light fixtures or blinds haven’t been removed.

You can take this final walk through just a few days or a few hours before closing. Make sure that you bring any documentation with you that references everything that is to stay, and verify any repairs that were to have taken place. Remember, this is your last chance to give the property a once over before it legally becomes yours.

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Photo courtesy of Loan America.

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