Four Heartwarming Stories For Mother’s Day!!!

Mother’s Day is a great time to celebrate the women who nurture us. Being a mother takes many different forms but mom and home are forever linked in our minds and hearts. This year, we wanted to share some heart-warming stories of mothers around the country and the homes they have made for their families.

A year and a half ago my brother passed away and I inherited his three boys who are aged 11, 10 and 6.  They have lived a rough life. I have two of my own who are 18 and 16. I have been looking for a home in Oakley or Brentwood, California to move to. I rescued a racehorse two years prior to getting the boys. So I wanted to buy a house with property so I can have everything I love in one spot! My mother will also live with me.  She is aging and eventually will need care. I have been looking for about a year. I wanted land and to get more animals to show these children who were raised from one house to another stability and compassion for all living things people and animals.?

–Angela, Oakley, California

When we went searching for a home back in 2003 we weren’t just looking for ANY home but a home to raise a family…especially a family built not only from biological children but adoptive children from the foster care system. When we bought our home we had two biological children. Since then we have adopted twelve children and will be adopting another sometime this year. Our home has provided us with being adopted to adopt siblings, sets that otherwise might have been separated through adoption. Some of our children did not have a proper childhood prior to joining our family. We are a family no matter how we came together and in our home we will continue to grow.”

–Jenelle, Emporia, Kansas

My husband and I married in 2006 and within a year we had our first child. We were living in a cozy home that we were renting from family.

In March 2011 we found out we were expecting! I began to panic! I knew this was our baby girl and our cozy rental would no longer hold our growing family. In June I began packing our things. My husband thought I was crazy ,we hadn’t found a home! I knew it was time to go!

Then, in the first week of October we got the pre-approval on a Monday, searched for a home Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday we had our inspection, and on Saturday we had our baby shower. We closed the day before Thanksgiving and moved in the day after Thanksgiving. Although our baby girl was due Christmas Day she arrived December 12th. So Christmas was extra special for us in 2011… New home, new baby, and completed family.

We still laugh about the pregnant lady who packed up her family but had no place to go!

–Jackie, Chicago, IL

“Can we run here mama?” Our then 18 month old triplet boys Noah Micah and Jacob clamored to be the first out of the van. They ended up in a heap on the grassy lawn littered with leaves. While out hunting for a pumpkin patch that Halloween, our big red van had somehow ended up at a house for sale that had a front yard that seemed to go on forever with a backyard to match. Visions of my boys being able to run free in this yard danced in my head. We were living a stone’s throw away from a very busy street. Our boys were never allowed out of our sight because they loved that road and all the trucks that zoomed down it. It was not a place to run for sure. I surely hadn’t meant to find this house with its expansive lawn. Who in their right mind goes house-hunting with three toddlers in tow? We were in no financial position to pay for such a perfect house. But fate had other plans. The owners of the house and our Realtor were elated with our boys and our commitment to them. They all stretched themselves to make the house happen for us! So from that time forward I could certainly say to my beautiful boys “You betcha go run!”

–Tracy, Belmont, Michigan

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Happy Mothers day!!!!

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