Palos Verdes 2017 Market Data Report 3rd Quarter YTD

Palos Verdes 2017 Market Data Report 3rd Quarter YTD

Marketing 3rd QtrPalos Verdes 2017 Market Data Report shows an increase in sales in all neighborhoods from 2016.

Currently, Mira Catalina has posted the largest gain in average sales price for Palos Verdes homes at 64%, followed by Monte Malaga at 37.5% and Lunada Bay at 15%. Lunada Bay posted the largest number of Palos Verdes homes sold to date in 2017 at 80, compared to 57 homes in 2016.

For more information on the Palos Verdes & Harbor Market Intelligence Report click here.

Palos Verdes Residents Celebrate Energy Awareness Month

Palos Verdes Residents Celebrate Energy Awareness Month

Energy Awareness

Palos Verdes homes owners are aware that October is Energy Awareness Month. Since the fall season is approaching and instead of using portable fans for cooling, we will be using moveable heating units to keep warm. Remember if everyone uses simple changes, you can also save significant amounts of money and also reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are a few hints of how to save energy througout the year: unplug electronics, gaming consoles and chargers, Insulate your water heater, replace bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs and turnoff power when you leave a room, schedule an energy audit and replace your thermostat with programmable unit.

To prepare your home for these winter months ahead use these tips: use insulating drapes to diffuse winter chill, find and seal air leaks around windows, doors and pipes and close fireplace dampers when not in use.

By doing these small changes you can reduce your energy consumption and save money.

Click here to read more about Energy Awareness Month.

Making a Home Equity Line of Credit Work for You

Making a Home Equity Line of Credit Work for You

craftsman style

I recently received a newsletter from Bank of America which spoke about (HELOC) Home Equity Line of Credit and how it can help my clients. I thought I would pass on some of the most interesting points that were made.

A (HELOC) loan can help make renovating a home more affordable for clients who are interested in making upgrades to their property. This type of loan typically has lower interest rates and is often tax deductible. It also mentioned how just choosing one of these three improvement projects below might help to increase the long term value of your home.

1. If you can only afford to remodel one room of your home, the best bet would be the kitchen. Although the cost can vary depending on work, it seemed to have the highest return.

2. Making your home “everyone friendly” is the new universal design that incorporates features to modernize a home and make it more functional for a variety of buyers. For instance a universally designed bathroom might give a 60% return when selling your home.

3. Boosting your curb appeal is a great investment since it makes potential buyers want to come inside. Whether it is just new doors and siding, it can generate a higher return than other improvements that could be done on a homes interior.

To read more about home improvement value go to Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 Cost vs Value Report or click here.


Palos Verdes Homeowners Ask “What is an Uninsured Deed”?

Palos Verdes Homeowners Ask “What is an Uninsured Deed”?

Peninsula 2

Palos Verdes homeowners need to be aware of the risk of an uninsured deed. Recently Ticor Title sent out a reminder to real estate agents regarding why this could be of concern. The most common problem of an Uninsured Deed comes in the form of a Quictclaim deed between family members. When a person gets added to title, this is a window of opportunity for those against him/her to attach to the property.

When you are selling your property, it is always best to use a realtor.  They will use a title company to make sure that a recorded Uninsured Deed will be shown on the Preliminary Title Report, which is for the protection of the homeowner to make sure the deed was not signed fraudulently or under duress which was the intention of the grantor to transfer title.

A realtor would know how to spot this kind of activity on a property profile. If they find that there is no title order number, escrow number, or even an accomodation stamp they will immediately notify the client. Without having this set of extra eyes, a homeowner may find themselves in need of an attorney to help settle their property issues.




Going Green in Honor of St. Patrick’s Day

st_patricks_day_2You’re ready to make some changes to your home, but you want to be smart with your money and see a positive return on your investment.

While most homeowners don’t see that return until they sell their home, you can start seeing the benefits now through conserving energy by making your home green. Continue reading

Tax Breaks for Homeowners

Tax Breaks for Home Owners In Palos VerdesCalling all homeowners!

With tax season rapidly approaching, it’s time to get your paperwork in order and consider all the ways to minimize your tax liability. Whether you’ve got a single-family home, a town house, condo, or even a floating home, there are numerous tax breaks for homeowners if you know the various home-related expenses that you should be sure to deduct. We suggest starting with these: Continue reading